Adam Foizen : Teacher Feature

1. Brief bio:
Adam has always walked to the beat of his own drum. Whether it’s hitchhiking to NYC to start a new life, helping to build a DIY skate park in Kensington, Philadelphia or chopping wood and feeding Alpacas, he lives yogic philosophy everyday. A creative and performing artist, he is the quintessential Jack of all Trades and believes that life’s a journey, while filled with ups and downs, can be balanced through a consistent practice and a dedication to Yoga. Adam was trained in the Ashtanga style and believes the practice can be modified to meet the personal needs of the individual. He is a seeker of truth and hopes to lead by example to create a better life for all the img_8830inhabitants of this space ship earth. Reach for the impossible dream and Carpe Diem are values he not only believes in but uses as a road map for daily living. His motto is, ‘the time is now to make a better life for yourself’ and believes that yoga, the science of living, is the blue print to achieve that better life. He also teaches slack line, rock climbing, and music. His nickname is Ye Olde Game Warden, ask him about it! Check out his website and on Instagram @pynkpyg
2. Least favorite or hardest posture for you? 
Handstand/jump through
3. Favorite pose or transition?
Savasana (ask me why;))
4. What is your favorite thing about being a teacher?
The humbling opportunity to share the power of yoga
5. Favorite Winchester restaurant or hangout?
I’m new to the area, so I look forward to finding one!
6. What is something that students may not know about you?
I was physically removed by police from my High School graduation for clapping and cheering for my friends who were also graduating. Some rules are unjust and civil disobedience is necessary.
7. What does your practice look like
I try to see the practice as a way of living and try to be mindful of it in the daily actions and everyday choices I make. Something I struggle with is being lazy and I know I am not the only one. I like to practice first thing in the morning and sometimes the snooze button wins that battle. A personal practice isn’t something that is easy but a lifelong commitment. It is the journey we are all on and sometimes we fall but how we handle that moment is how we discover the purpose of yoga.

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