Aerial Basics Workshop

Friday, August 19th 2016



Come hang in the studio…literally! Aerial yoga is a unique and creative way that utilizes an aerial hammock to actively explore the classic yoga postures. The hammock is used as a support to suspend you while you do traditional and non-traditional yoga poses. In an effort to minimize potential injury and maximize your level of fun, this 90 minute workshop is required for folks who wish to attend regularly scheduled Aerial Yoga and Aerial Flow classes.

Aerial yoga defies gravity and offers many benefits such as:
– It’s a total body workout
– Improves flexibility
– Increases strength
– Improves balance
– Elevates your mood!

No additional equipment is necessary, but we require shirts that cover the underarms and ask that you refrain from heavy perfumes and wearing clothing with zippers and buttons. We look forward to flying with you!

Space is limited so preregistation is required to reserve your space!

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