April Claggett: Art Opening

Samples from a “quilt” of April Claggett’s paintings showing glimpses into her life and art — from a bowl of figs to Costa Rican fowl, to strangers on the street, will be brought to the studio by AB Productions. The works include a variety of media (oils, watercolors, gouache, inks). April’s focus on light and color grabs the viewer in for a closer look, where they find incredible beauty in the simplest of subjects. For more images of Aprils art see her homepage and portfolio page here: http://aprilclaggett.com/

Dec. 30, 4-6 pm The Opening Reception –  is free and open to the public.
Jan 12 – Reception – look for details after the 1st!
Artwork will be for sale through the closing on January 25. Call the studio for hours or to make an appointment. (540) 212-8623

From April: “At first impulse, my painting is always inspired by light and color..The hand of light as the loanshark of honesty..Colors are the troupe, the props, the gymnasts that never keep to themselves.. I only paint for joy.”

Jill Donnelli December 13th, 2017 0 comments Art / Social Events

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