BasicHatha1The hatha is actually an umbrella term that includes all styles of the physical practice of yoga. But the way it is frequently used is to describe a class that moves at a slower pace. Time is spent in each posture with a attention placed on alignment and purpose of the pose. In general, hatha classes are recommended for beginners and folks who want to move a little slower.

Basic Hatha

This class is ideal for those who prefer to start slowly.  Teachers will help you master form and understand how to breathe within the postures while gently challenging your concentration, balance and strength.


Teachers offer new and exciting challenges where you will expand on your strength, stamina and grace as you practice more demanding sequences. While not appropriate for those brand new to yoga, after learning the basics (sun salutations, chaturanga, triangle, warriors), people with fitness backgrounds and active lifestyles are often comfortable with this level right away. .More challenging poses will be offered and the flow will be at a pace that assumes students have an intermediate level practice.

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