Saturday, June 28th
1-3:30 pm
Fee: $28

Polarity is energy therapy which helps unblock mental, emotional and even physical pain or dis-ease.  Using a combination of movements and postures, one-on-one life awareness conversation, and individualized touch therapy contacts, Polarity helps release emotional and mental blocks.  Life energy can then flow into spiritual, mental, emotional and body health. Tension and pain can be alleviated, spiritual development advanced, and wounds and life patterns healed.  If anything is hurting, disappointing you or keeping you from your goals, clients use this therapy to help achieve better wellness, deeper presence and a fuller life.

This workshop will include a discussion of the human energy system based on Polarity theory, the benefits of healing it with this modality, partner hands-on therapy practice, exploring how the elements ether, air, fire, water and earth interact in the world and the human organism, and postures and movements for integrating organic harmony in the mind, emotions, body and spirit.


Jenna Newsome, BCPP:
I have studied Polarity Yoga for almost seven years, and various forms of yoga for 14 years.  Now a Board-Certified Polarity Practitioner, I use Polarity therapy to help people to discover and live their innate full, great-feeling lives.  Following an intensive three-year training, I use yoga, discussion and healing hand contacts to help move all people into higher balance and harmony..

  1. Marcelle Frank

    Would like to register for June 28 Polarity Class. Do I need a reservation or just show up?

    June 19th, 2014 //

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