So Hum!

Holy smokes there’s a lot on my plate these days. As a matter of fact, I’m feeling more than a bit glutinous and wanna scrape my heaping pile of responsibilities in the trash! Feeling bloated with the enormity of work and balancing family and personal time is an awful feeling. It leaves me frantic, energetically tapped and more than a bit grumpy. I’m betting that some of you wonderful folks are nodding your heads thinking, ‘I can so relate!’ We all have plates, right? It’s moments like these that I can get so lost in the swirl of things to do that I forget my practice. Sounds crazy I know, but it’s true.

So what brings me around? Random good things (I feel an acronym coming on!)…a good book next to my bed, a conversation with a good buddy, unexpected kindness from a stranger, my kids (Beanie, “We’re gonna have girl time. Right, Mom?”), a comforting hug (I love me some Lori and Joanne hugs!), clean yoga pants! This particular time, a poem that I had written inside one of my journals. These things serve for lack of a better phrase, as energetic bitch slaps. They snap me out of my funk and offer a glimpse of clarity. It’s enough of a pause for me to remember my practice.

Below is a go to for me. It could be for you as well.


P.S. Thanks Sylvia! You did this girl a solid.

The So Hum
This simple, yet incredibly powerful meditation is probably one of the most popular Mantra Meditations.  This is one of those rare things in life where you reap a ton for minimal sowing. So Hum literally means “I am That” or “that I am.” The mantra’s aim is to bring about this union (yoga) between your individual consciousness and Divine Consciousness.  Another way to interpret this purpose, is that the meditation brings about the realization that all that you see is yourself — The Observer is the Observed. Sound good, no?

Here’s how you do it:
• Get comfortable. Sit in a comfortable cross legged position.  You may also sit on a chair or lie on your back to practice this meditation.

• Set your alarm or other time device for 3 minutes. Aspire to underachieve! Seriously, leave this practice wanting more.

• You can rest your hands on your thighs or place your hands in Gyan Mudra (Gesture of Knowledge).  Which is thumb and index finger lightly meeting, wrists resting gently on the knees and palms facing upward.  The other 3 fingers are extended.
• Close your eyes and take 5 deep, slow breaths in and out through the nose.  This will oxygenate your blood and relax you.

• Now inhale slowly while mentally saying the sound “Soooooooo” and then slowly exhale while silently saying the sound “Hummmmmm”. Try to stretch the words out to match the length of the inhale and exhale. Repeat until your timer goes off!

And that’s it! If your mind starts to drift and you lose focus of the mantra, no worries! It’s common for this to happen to both new and seasoned meditators. Simply detach from the thought and go back to the breath. After the meditation, take a few moments before you go about your day to notice how you feel. You won”t be disappointed!

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