Teacher Feature: Jocelynne Lowans

Welcome to our first Teacher Feature! Every month you’ll learn fun and interesting facts about our teachers like where they like to eat, what they do off the mat, and what’s their biggest challenge in their practice.


1. Brief, non-yoga teacher bio.

Everyday life is a wonderful and ridiculous thing; family (Hubbyness and my teenager and my cats), Yoga, art, and food (because food is AMAZING). The core of my expression/experience is founded on the common and the elevated because they’re the same thing. I create art on the kitchen table while Keiko looks on from her cushion. Yes, my cat has her own seat at the table. My other fur baby Buttkiss likes to assist me in yoga practice and making malas… the mala help is a bit destructive. But, she tries. My inspiration comes from Emma Peel (as played by Diana Rigg), Bob Ross (Happy Trees), Podcasts, learning (skateboarding and MTG currently), and reading fluff and classics. Essentially I like to experience a little bit of everything in life. My yoga is an inquiry; what new can I experience. My art comes from the same place of curiosity. IF I can share one thing with world I would like it to be a humorous curiosity. Laugh at every stumble, smile equally at success and failure. And love some happy cats.

2. Least favorite / hardest posture for you? 

Most challenging posture is handstand; I can do it but not yet 🙂

3. What’s your favorite pose or flow? 

Favorite transition is down dog to wheel.  This is my happy day pose that (delightfully) embarrassed my family constantly.

4. What’s your favorite part about being a yoga teacher?

That it’s okay to always “still” be learning!

5.  What’s your favorite restaurant in Winchester?

My favorite hangout in Winchester is Sona; Shiv is a genius in the kitchen.JocelynLowansGandha

6. Tell us something that students may not know about you.

Something that students may not know about me? I’m a pretty open book; I’m teaching myself to skateboard and I have a sincere love of marital arts films and classic literature.

7. What does your personal practice look like?

My practice looks like variety.  I like to try everything and mix it all up the way I do with my art; everything is fair game..

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