Teacher Feature: Julie Pettler

1. Brief non-yoga teacher bio

For 28 years Julie Pettler has been practicing yoga at home in her yoga garden and yoga room, at local classes and numerous ashrams. Julie’s studies of anatomy and physiology while obtaining her Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy give her a deep understanding of how the body moves through the various yoga poses. She is currently completing her formal education to become a certified herbalist and is knee-deep in stinging nettles and chamomile.  Julie offers yoga classes that challenge the body, ground the mind, and explore the energies of body and mind. She is honored to be a part of Dharma Yoga for many reasons, but particularly because of Jill’s passion and drive to create a vibrant, healthy, artsy community right here in Winchester.

2. Least favorite / hardest posture for you.

Reverse prayer pose has always been an impossible pose for me.

3.  Favorite pose or transition.

I like to incorporate sun salutation variations into my morning routine

4. What’s your favorite part about being a yoga teacher?
I love helping people discover and enhance their strength and flexibility.
I love it when a student tells me he or she feels healthier or stronger because of yoga classes.

 5. Favorite Winchester restaurant or hang out?

Thai Winchester, and several times a year I just have to have jerk chicken from Tropical Island Coffee Cafe

JulieTriangle6. Something students may not know about you.

My first job after college was teaching English to high school students in Japan.

7.  What does your practice look like?

I practice at home  2 – 3 mornings a week for about an hour and take a class or two at Dharma each week. Once a
year I visit a yoga ashram to immerse myself in yoga classes and philosophy,

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