Yoga Nidra


Saturday, July 11th 
Fee: $30

Yoga Nidra is the ultimate power nap! It is an ancient method that results in deep healing and profound relaxation; the perfect antidote to stress, depression, and exhaustion. Simply put, yoga nidra is a technique to improve the quality and happiness of human life.

While ‘Nidra’ means sleep, it is more of a state between sleep and wakefulness. It’s the state of conscious dreaming where one seems to hover between consciousness and subconsciousness. It’s in this internal landscape where we begin to confront subconscious problems, remove limiting beliefs and fears and end repetitive patterns.

This 2 hour workshop offers an overview of the science of Yoga Nidra, a 30 minute Asana practice to the prepare the body for stillness and a 45 minute Yoga Nidra session.

Yoga nidra is a practice for everyone, no experience required! Click here to register..

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