Yoga Tips and Etiquette


As a teacher, I tell my students, “It’s your practice; move like you!” I truly believe that…unless it’s is at the expense of another. Yoga etiquette is about thinking of the greater good: As long as you can ask yourself, “Is what I am doing altering anyone else’s yoga practice in a negative way?” and adjust accordingly, then you are practicing proper yoga etiquette.

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class starts to complete our registration paperwork.
  • Students at are welcome to store their mat at the studio. Please be sure to write your name on your mat if you plan to leave it with us.
  • Comfortable exercise clothing and bare feet are recommended for practice.
  • Avoid wearing strong scents and perfume.
  • Take a deep breath, turn off your cell phone, and remove your shoes before entering class.
  • Please show respect for the teacher and your fellow students by coming to class on time. We understand that being a few minutes late or leaving the class early is sometimes unavoidable; please enter and exit the studio quietly.
  • It is recommended that you practice on an empty stomach. Water is fine during class, but no food or other beverages should be consumed immediately before or during class.
  • Yoga is for everyone regardless of shape, age, or experience. That being said,  please inform the teacher if you have any known injuries or health issues, including pregnancy.
  • No matter how much you are enjoying your class experience, don’t push yourself beyond your limits. If you feel overwhelmed, rest in child’s pose, come out of a posture early, or ask the instructor for a modification. Learn to listen to your limitations—your body will thank you.
  • No pre-registration is required for any regularly scheduled classes. When you arrive at the studio please sign-in for your choice of yoga class at the front desk.
  • Be consistent in your practice—the results will amaze you.
  • Don’t forget to have fun!